FuwaraboWash Dry fold

No need for laundromat anymore

Just pack your laundry and the clothes you want to send to the cleaners into a bag.

Wash and fold / Differences between Japan and America

In the United States and other countries, there are many cases where it is not possible to install a washing machine in your own room in an apartment or condominium. Moreover, there are some areas that have ordinances prohibiting drying clothes outside because it spoils the landscape, so laundry services have become an indispensable tool. In Japan, it is used mainly by business people as a way to create time for themselves, and supports the health and hygiene of people who are working alone, students (children) who live alone away from their parents, etc. It is also used as a tool to

Our services include dry cleaning in addition to Wash and fold. / Differences from general Wash and fold.

A general wash and fold service is, as the name suggests, a service that washes and folds your laundry. Fuwarabo is unique in that it can also clean suits and cutters at no additional cost, in order to meet the needs of business people.
For example, you can send out your favorite clothes from a weekend drive along with your favorite suit or cut shirt.
Our strength is that we can give laundry a ``soft finish'' that feels great on the skin, and give suits and cut-cut shirts a ``crisp finish'' by drying (cleaning) them.

Finished by skilled cleaning craftsmen at the directly managed factory of a 50-year-old established company in Kyoto

We analyze and implement the optimal washing, drying, and finishing methods for each material of each garment. We always take great care to ensure that our customers' precious clothing can be used for a long time.
Please try our high quality Wash and fold + Dry.

How to orderNo need for laundromat(coin laundry).

WEB Order(24 hour reception)


For customers staying in Japan for business trips, sightseeing, etc.
Please check with the hotel front desk or accommodation manager to see if collection is possible.

CompanyNo need for laundromat(coin laundry).

Nikkosha Co. Ltd.
TEL 0774-88-3481
Business details ・Home cleaning ・Linen cleaning ・Washing of fur, fur, futons, curtains ・Laundry service.
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No need for coin laundry.Kyoto https://fuwarabo.com/coin/

Kyoto city hotel Kyoto City Hotel Introduction

Kyoto City Nakagyo Ward 〇The Ritz-Carlton Kyoto 〇Hotel Monterey Kyoto 〇ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Kyoto 〇Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Shinmachi Annex 〇Hotel Vista Premio Kyoto 〇Hotel Grand M's Kyoto 〇The Royal Park Hotel Kyoto Sanjo 〇HOTEL THE MITSUI KYOTO〇 Ace Hotel Kyoto〇The Millennials Kyoto〇Hearton Hotel Kyoto〇Hotel Okura Kyoto〇THE GATE HOTEL Kyoto Takasegawa by HULIC〇Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Sanjo〇Hotel Gimmond Kyoto〇THE SCREEN〇Carta Hotel Kyoto Bettei〇Urban Hotel Kyoto Nijo Premium〇Hyatt Place Kyoto〇Miru Kyoto Nishiki〇THE HIRAMATSU Kyoto〇Hotel Vista Premio Kyoto Namatei〇Oakwood Hotel Kyoto Oike〇RESI STAY Mayu Grace Hotel〇Villa Sanjo Muromachi, Kyoto〇CANDEO HOTELS〇Hotel Unizo Kyoto Karasuma Oike
Kyoto City Kamigyo Ward 〇Kyoto Brighton Hotel 〇Kyoto Garden Palace 〇Kyoto Garden Palace 〇La'gent Hotel Kyoto Nijo 〇Rivert Kyoto Kamogawa 〇The Grand Resort Elegante Kyoto 〇Hotel Livemax Kyoto Nijo Johoku 〇Kyoto Hatago Mugen 〇Heiangu Imperial Palace Inn 〇Izumi Machiya 〇Rin Premium Nijo Johoku Kamishichiken Nishijin Fujita
Kyoto City Shimogyo Ward 〇Hotel Nikko Princess Kyoto〇Kyoto Central Inn〇Hotel Wing International Kyoto Shijo Karasuma〇Richmond Hotel Premier Kyoto Shijo〇Suzu〇Rokujo Machiya〇Hotel Kyoto Eminur〇〇Premium Kouki〇Suzu Premium Hiun〇〇Shijyo Takasegawa Kita〇Kyoto Higashiyama Santo Hermitage
Kyoto City South Ward 〇Ichijo Karin〇Stay SAKURA Kyoto Station South I〇Stay SAKURA Kyoto Ryu〇Stay SAKURA Gion Miyagawacho 〇Rakuryuan Mibu Dodan/Momiji 〇Rakuryuan Nishijin Kitahaggi/Hydrangea〇Stay SAKURA KYOTO Ougi
Kyoto City Ukyo Ward In preparation
※PThe above list is a list of hotels in Kyoto City, and does not mean that our services can be provided.

laundromat seems convenient, but it's actually inconvenient.No need for laundromat.

laundromat takes a lot of time.

①Time to find alaundromat(coin laundry)
②Time to carry laundromat(coin laundry) from hotel
③Waiting time until laundromat(coin laundry) is finished
④Time to collect laundromat(coin laundry) and return to hotel
⑤Time to fold coin laundry
On average, it will take around 3 hours. If you use Fuwarabo, these "3 hours" will become your time.The time you can spend in Japan is limited, so I want you to spend it on more important things. We hope.

laundromat(Coin laundry) is not cheap.

laundromat(Coin laundry) facilities vary depending on the amount and contents of the laundry.
There will be a cost of
(1) 800 to 1000 yen on average
(2) your time involved in the work (2 to 3 hours).
The biggest issue here is your own “time.”Moreover, when it comes to your precious time spent in Japan(kyoto),
more than usual Your “time value” is high.

Rather than touching a coin laundry, I want them to experience the famous places, culture, and people of Japan (Kyoto) and cherish the feelings they felt there forever.